Customer-Problem fit expedition

The purpose of this expedition is to rapidly transform a strategic challenge or perceived opportunity (i.e. a “business hunch”) into concise criteria of what a customer/user or other key stakeholders really needs, as well as understand what is the organization´s and competitors´ current reality, and where industries and the world might be going.

The stakeholders criteria and other insights discovered serve as a basis and inspiration for designing and evaluating new solutions in the next expedition: the Concept-Strategy fit expedition.


A common pattern in this expedition is that an innovation team redefines the problem or opportunity as a human-centered problem or challenge to address. Team members empathize with users and other key stakeholders and gather and synthetize information to first understand their experiences (e.g. anxieties and pains) when searching and using current solutions. With this perspective, team members can better understand what users and other key stakeholders are ultimately trying to achieve as well as identify what outcomes they pursue at every step of the way.

Toolkits (“Exploration Backpacks”)

The team can accomplish outcomes by selecting activities and tools for the purpose, especially from the “understand” backpack, such as ethnographic research, stakeholder persona, journey mapping and job to be done as well as other tools and techniques available in the exploration backpacks of the Hiffi expeditions model.

These tools enable a team to uncover hidden unsatisfied needs and have a shared understanding of the attributes of an ideal solution from a customer/stakeholder perspective. This marks the key broad milestone for this expedition, identified in the model as «stakeholders criteria».