Ideate backpack

The “ideate backpack” supports the generation of ideas and concepts, including possible solutions or business models as well as ideas for experiments, features and functionalities.

A Strategic Innovation System (SIS) should be able to provide a means to systematically generate new possibilities creatively and build an understanding of what holds strategic meaning, and hence new value for the organization and its customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

More about it

  • It facilitates creative activity leading to new ideas and concepts, responding to questions such as the following:
    • What unique competitive advantages might the organization create, given the external landscape and the reality of the organization (capabilities and limitations)?
    • What new products, services and business models might be developed to fulfil the expected growth and profitability?
    • What can we do or create to support an experiment to find out if what we believe of a solution option is true?
    • How might we enable a desired functionality or feature intended to address a problem/need?
    • Who can benefit of a particular technology? What applications or markets might be interested?


  • It includes tools and techniques such as the following:
    • Lateral thinking (de Bono tools) for the purpose of generating novel, unusual, or more radical, ideas.
    • TRIZ (e.g. Ideal Final Result) for the purpose of designing evolved or transformed systems (e.g. product, service, application or equipment) aiming to deliver increasingly more value to stakeholders.
    • Business model canvas for the purpose of envisioning new business models from the identification of customer needs and other insights.
    • And many others such as those in Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) and Creative Problem Solving (CPS).