The ability of leaders to drive changes and business transformations continuously by mentoring and inspiring people, facilitating the conditions for innovation to flourish, and reinforcing a favorable innovation culture.

Leader Characteristics

The transformational leadership features that are present in key people throughout the organization

    • Senior leaders spend their time actively encouraging and driving innovation (role-model behaviors such as openess to new ideas and risk taking).
    • Senior and other formal leaders avoid to establish short-term rewards only.
    • Innovative leadership is also a dynamic role (formal or informal) played throughout the innovation structures and teams.
    • Leaders engaged in innovation are perceived as unlocking and unleashing the creativity, initiative, leadership, and productivity of people.

Change / Transformation Management

The explicit approach (e.g. actions and events) that continuously drives positive changes and business transformation for high-impact innovation

    • A sufficiently powerful transformation team with credible and knowledgeable people exists for driving change/transformation.
    • The leadership team inspire people through a vision for the future and articulation of opportunities for the organization.
    • The leadership team devote enough resources to create and sustain the right conditions to implement strategy and significant time to coach and provide feedback on the innovation efforts.
    • The leadership team integrate people effectively across structures and networks towards collaborating in a harmonious and efficient way in support of innovation and the organization´s aspirations.