The emotional, social and intellectual assets of people that contribute to innovation. It includes actions focused on enhancing innovation talent such as training, performance management, and incentives.

Innovator Characteristics

The creativity, execution and leadership features that are present in people involved in innovation in the right extent according to their roles and responsibilities 

    • People engaged in innovation activities display an entrepreneurial style and collaborative behaviors conducive to innovation.
    • People engaged in innovation activities have knowledge and expertise in creativity, invention and innovation methods, tools and techniques .
Training and Development

The training and experiential learning programs that develop key innovation mindsets, behaviors and skills

    • Knowledge and expertise are continuously built throughout the organization.
    • Development of social capital (personal connections inside and outside the organization) is promoted.
    • Programs are tailored to support differing needs.
People Measurement and Reward Systems

The metrics, performance management, and incentive programs for people involved in innovation efforts

    • Innovation behaviors and skills are incorporated in hiring, performance reviews, HR policies, incentives, and staffing policies.
    • Achievements (even small) are appropriately celebrated to reinforce motivation.